Fifty Fabulous Frocks at The Bath Fashion Museum





Great excitement in Bath this week as The Fashion Museum in Bath celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013 with a special display that will showcase 50 of its most glamorous dresses with the wow factor! The Fashion Museum in Bath has been named as one of the top ten of its kind in the world.

The exhibition will include a gorgeous gold embroidered Georgian court dress and a delicate 1870s gauze bustle day dress edged with purple fringing and redolent of the paintings of Tissot alongside a slinky jersey evening dress by Ossie Clark and a classic chic Chanel suit. will feature the iconic and influential names of 20th century couture – Schiaparelli, Poiret, Vionnet, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent – as well as today’s most desired fashion designers and brands – Erdem, Burberry, John Rocha. This display will show both the richness of the museum collection as well as key moments in fashion history that continue to provide inspiration for modern day designers along with TV and film makers – think Downton Abbey, The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina.

The display will also include delightfully curious pieces from the Fashion Museum’s world-class collection of original objects, such as a Champagne Dress worn at a fancy dress party in Edwardian times. And men will not be forgotten, from an ornately embroidered man’s coat from the early 18th century through to a pair of bondage trousers by Dame Vivienne Westwood, Queen of Punk.

The Fashion Museum was founded as the Museum of Costume by Doris Langley Moore, a writer, costume designer and passionate collector of historic dress. The museum came to the Assembly Rooms in Bath in 1963 and has for the last fifty years been guided by Mrs Langley Moore’s founding principles of collecting and presenting examples of historic and contemporary dress that show the very best of fashion and style.