Green Tourism Initiative

Here at Great Ashley Farm we are trying to consider the environment whilst still operating in a friendly, comfortable and efficient way. Some of our Green actions, such as low energy lighting will be obvious, others not so visible to you:-
  • We try our utmost to support the local economy by buying locally produced goods, thus cutting down on food mileage and supplying our guests with quality they deserve
  • We try to reduce packaging waste and recycle where possible
  • We try to reduce our use of chemical cleaning products
If you approve of what we are trying to do, you can help us by:-
  • Turning off lights, not leaving the TV. on standby and mobile phones switched off when leaving the room.
  • Please help us to reduce our ever increasing fuel bills by turning down the thermostats on the radiators if it is too hot rather than opening the window and heating the garden.
  • Please be careful of what you dispose of in the toilet and use the personal hygiene bags provided.
  • With the constant problem of water shortage please help us to save water by folding any unused towels and be kind enough to make it obvious the beds that have been used.
  • We are happy to direct you to the park and ride schemes in Bath or perhaps you would consider using the rail or bus network from Bradford-on-Avon