Order your Beef and Lamb boxes today from our very own butchery and enjoy home produced, high quality meat. All reared among 56 acres of prime Wiltshire grassland with a further 250 acres of rented pasture land. 


At Great Ashley Farm we are 4th generation farmers.  Remaining true to our roots, we are blessed to still be rearing animals here to this day. Currently our livestock consists of 45 spring and autumn calving suckler cows and 80 breeding ewes. 

We are being encouraged, as consumers, to source as much fresh food locally as we can and in turn, food producers and growers are being encouraged to supply to their local area. For many farms this is an essential diversification, keeping us in business and the countryside farmed.


Our grass-fed beef & lamb have been reared on the farm and fed on natural pastures packed with wild grasses and herbs. Our livestock enhance biodiversity through conservation grazing meadows & woodlands, so you can improve the environment whilst enjoying delicious and nutrient dense produce!

Butchery Great Ashley Farm
Butchery Great Ashley Farm


The breeds we rear are well suited to the climate on our farmland in Wiltshire and every animal can be traced to its mother and place of birth. We believe in natural growth to maturity, without rapid fattening to deliver the best type of meat and eating quality

Animal welfare is at the heart of our ethos. To reduce stress levels in our animals we feel it’s important to use a local abattoir, this reduces transportation time & creates low carbon footprint or as few ‘food miles’ as possible.

Every animal grown on the farm having returned from slaughter is chilled, hung and rested to further improve the flavour and tenderness.  The beef & lamb is professionally butchered on site by a local master butcher and the joints, steaks and different cuts are then vacuum packed clearly labelled with weights and boxed.

You can look forward to delicate tender meat, that has been ethically raised.  If you can collect your box, we would be delighted to show you around the farm. Local delivery within a 5 mile radius is free. 


The health and welfare of our animals is our highest priority and we are proud to be members of the Red Tractor assurance scheme. 

We strive to exceed the industry standards on welfare and use the latest technology and bespoke handling systems to reduce stress on the animals and to ensure the safety of our farm team. Systems such as EID tagging ensure that all the information regarding our animals is held safely and securely.

As proud custodians of a wealth of farmland, grassland and woodland, it is our responsibility to nurture the natural environment, biodiversity and resources available to us.  At Great Ashley Farm, we believe that as farmers we have a duty to care for the farmed environment and limit our impact on it. Field edges near water courses or houses are not cropped but instead planted with a stewardship cover as above.



The farm is in the mid tier agreement within the countryside stewardship scheme. This scheme is designed to encourage wildlife whilst farming responsibly alongside it. Management options during the course of the agreement have included hedge planting, the establishment of wild bird seed crops and wild flower grass margins around most fields.

We want to farm in the best way we can- for wildlife, for our animals, for the land, and the future generations. 

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